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About Us

OPROtec is the latest exciting brand to be added to the OPROGROUP’s growing portfolio of technical sports performance brands. It proudly joins OPRO Custom-Fit, OPRO Self-Fit, OPRO Snap-Fit and Maru.

When we got our heads together to develop OPROtec, our aim was simple. We wanted the brand to be straightforward and honest and to coin a phrase, ‘do what it says on the tin’ so our ethos reflects this. OPROtec gives athletes of all levels the ability to protect themselves, recover from injury, and gain relief from pain. We are an inclusive brand – not an exclusive one.

Our products are designed to be long lasting and for added peace of mind, we protect you by offering a lifetime warranty. So if you feel that your OPROtec support or brace has not given you the wear you believe it should have done, get in touch with us. 

Our K-Tape is protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive, guaranteed to be effective from the day you apply the tape to the day you take it off. Biomaster is a highly effective antimicrobial additive that harnesses the power of silver ion technology and kills up to 99.99% of known bacteria including MRSA. Clever stuff. 

We have worked with top sports designers to create a range that combines the therapeutic and warming effects of neoprene with the compressive qualities of seamless knitted technology. Silicone grip on the inside of the supports ensures they stay firmly in place and don’t slip whilst being worn. Essential for comfort.

OPROtec is for everybody. As we say, ‘it never gets easier but you just get stronger’.

If you have any feedback on our products, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.