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Calf Support

Are you suffering from calf pain when running? Or perhaps you’re experiencing lower leg pain following a sports injury? Whatever the cause may be, our calf support will give you the strength to get back in the game again.

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Product Details

What is it?

The OPROtec Calf Support is designed to combat lower leg pain like muscle strains, weak joints and bruising. The sleeve hugs your left or right leg to reduce calf pain and inflammation while enhancing stability and blood flow. And best of all? It moulds to your leg in seconds to offer immediate protection and relief.

Is it right for me?

Our leg brace is designed for anyone experiencing calf pain, muscle soreness and general weakness in their lower leg. This could be caused by high-impact exercise like running, football or tennis, or it could be from an injury that has never fully recovered. Whatever the root of your lower leg pain, our leg brace is certain to offer the support you need.

From the moment you slip it over your calf, you’ll notice how the warmth radiates through your muscles and joints to ease lower leg pain. So whether you’re looking to ease calf pain during a match or want something to help you recover at home, our calf support is certain to do the trick.

The Calf Support is Ideal for relieving the pain of calf muscle strains, shin splints and minor Achilles strains and assisting rehabilitation after injury.

Get a leg up on your injury and fight back to full fitness with the OPRO Calf Support.

Additional Info

For correct sizing, extend the leg and measure around the kneecap:

  • Small: 13-14.5" (33-37 cm)
  • Medium: 145-16" (37.5-40.5 cm)
  • Large: 16.5-17.5" (41.5-44.5 cm)
  • XL: 18-20.5" (45-52 cm)

Contains latex

Do not wear over open wounds

Always seek professional advice on pain, injury or irritation.